eNewsletter for June 16,2014

Morning Transportation Politico-Jun 11, 2014  Amtrak changes: The House voted for several restrictions on Amtrak funds, but rejected another. Members approved a change from Pete Sessions to block funds for the route that loses the most money — the Sunset Limited that runs from New Orleans to Los Angeles. Another amendment from Reps. Phil Gingrey and John Mica to stop federal subsidies for Amtrak’s money-losing food and beverage service was approved on a voice vote. (emphasis added) But on a 167-250 tally, members voted down another proposal from Sessions to eliminate money for any Amtrak route that costs twice what it takes in, which the Texas congressman framed it as a matter of eliminating money-losing routes from the passenger railroad. This is the result of Amtrak’s accounting which gives the false impression that food service and the Sunset are directly losing this money when it is only what is allocated as their share of Amtrak’s losses. Cutting trains or food service will not save money, but will reduce income.  The Senate later stripped these House amendments from the final bill. NB 

June 16, 2014

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