eNewsletter for March 31, 2014

Public Policy Institute of California  PPIC Statewide Survey March 2014  SLIM MAJORITY OF ADULTS FAVOR HIGH SPEED RAIL In 2008, voters passed a $10 billion state bond for its planning and construction. Today, when read a description of the system and its $68 billion price tag, 53 percent favor it and 42 percent oppose it. Likely voters are less supportive (45% favor, 50% oppose) Majorities in the San Francisco Bay Area (63%), Central Valley (57%), Orange/San Diego (54%) and Los Angeles (52%) are in favor. Inland Empire residents are divided (45% favor, 46% oppose). When opponents of high speed rail are asked how they would feel if the cost were lower support rises (69% adults, 60% likely voters). Asked about high speed rail’s importance 35 percent of adults and 29 percent of likely voters say it is very important to the future quality of life and state’s economic vitality.These results show that if High Speed Rail is economical and serves most of California it will have public support. It also suggests that it won’t be a major issue with voters. NB

March 31, 2014

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