eNewslettter for September 30, 2013

We’re holding ACE in drive for SJ Valley employment Manteca Bulletin- Sep 28, 2013 The real game changer for the economically challenged in the San Joaquin Valley won’t by California High Speed Rail. It’ll be well-run traditional rail modeled after the Altamont Corridor Express service. That’s because high speed rail will serve one of three classes: Upper income super-distance commuters, tourists, and Los Angeles to San Francisco business travel. I think this article illustrates a major problem the High Speed Rail Project has in the San Joaquin Valley. Many people there feel this project is only for well paid people in Southern California and the Bay Area. The people in the Valley feel left out and of being taken advantaged of by the big city slickers. The California High Speed Rail Authority needs to do a better job showing how High Speed Rail can serve more of the San Joaquin Valley and how people of modest means will be able to ride it. NB

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