What’s next for LOSSAN?

By Paul Dyson
President, Rail Passenger Association of California and Nevada

The LOSSAN Board met Monday 19th November in the wake of the unanimous decision by NCTD on Thursday 15th to reject the proposed Joint Powers Board. Some of the reasons: The expected $79,000 share of the cost to set up the agency, and, after over three years debate and negotiation, NCTD felt “rushed”. I have written before in the Review about the “Berlin Wall” at Oceanside, the ridiculous decision by NCTD to set up their own dispatch office, and the lack of coordination between Metrolink, Coaster and Amtrak. The parochial board of NCTD (prompted by their xenophobic staff) fear that “Los Angeles”, the perennial bogeyman of San Diego county, will somehow put them out of a job. While that is not the plan, one can’t help but think that this would be the best outcome. Suggested action: Write to NCTD and tell them that we want coordination and connections, and that the status quo is unacceptable. Their Chair is Chris Orlando, Council member from San Marcos. E mail him at corlando@ci.san-marcos.ca.us.

I think that the other 9 agencies will proceed with their votes and hopefully all will be in favor, presenting NCTD with a moral victory which might be sufficient to change their minds. In any event there will be some Board changes come January. Watch this space.

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