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PHOTOS of the MONTH from RailPAC (November)

Here are 5 photos taken by RailPAC photographers. Clic on the photo to see it full size!

1. The Coast Starlight in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon in October, 2012. Photo by Alexander Friedman.

2. The eastbound California Zephyr has arrived at Sacramento’s new platform on September 15, 2012. RailPAC in action: Two passengers found themselves on the wrong platform to board train #6, so RailPAC Director, Marcia Johnston, went to their aid and helped them to the correct place to board. Photo by Russ Jackson

3. Metrolink end-of-the-line station for the Antelope Valley line at Lancaster on October 12, 2012. Photo by Noel Braymer

4. A favorite from the RailPAC archives: The California Zephyr, train 5, is at the Winter Park, Colorado, station in an April, 2000, snow storm. Photo by Russ Jackson

5. The Los Angeles Union Station Christmas tree from the 1992 RailPAC archives. LAUS has seen many improvements in recent years. HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2012 from the RailPAC Photo editor and staff! Photo by Russ Jackson

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