May CA Intercity Passenger Rail Performance

Reported by David Kutrosky, Managing Director, CCJPA

(Download:  May 2011 Performance Report)

The Capitol Corridor continues to achieve stellar performance results. For fifteen consecutive months, our service has experienced ridership and revenue increases. In May, ridership was a remarkable 10 percent above May 2010 and projected revenue was up 13%. Finally, the Capitol Corridor’s on-time performance (OTP) was 96 percent-keeping us number one for OTP in the nation.

Our two-year hold on the national OTP top spot has convinced drivers that the Capitol Corridor is a reliable, convenient, cost-effective and stress-free way to travel between Auburn and San Jose and a viable, green alternative to driving alone. Last month, 152,128 passengers boarded Capitol Corridor trains compared to 138,616 riders in May 2010. As predicted, once we began our popular and new discount offers last month, ridership and revenue showed very favorable results. Our promotions that ran in May include the Seniors Half Off fares, Kids Ride Free on Weekends, the A’s home game and National Train Day discounts.

Speaking of National Train Day, the CCJPA, in partnership with Caltrans Rail and Amtrak, participated in the annual National Train Day celebration on May 7 with a family-orientated event in Martinez. The highlight of the event was the presentation of the Golden STAR (State Advocate of Rail) award to CCJPA Vice-Chair Jim Spering, who was recognized for his leadership and commitment to establish intercity passenger rail service in Northern California.

On another community-related note, the Capitol Corridor and Amtrak launched its annual “Fight Hunger One Stop at a Time” food drive campaign on June 1 and we are still accepting food donations at our staffed stations from now until June 15. Please drop a nonperishable food item at the staffed station nearest you to help families in need this summer.

Capitol Corridor (May 2011)

  • Ridership: 152,128 riders; +10% vs. May 2010; +9% vs. prior YTD
  • Revenue: $2,424,543 +13% vs. May 2010; +12% vs. prior YTD;
  • On-Time Performance: 96%; YTD OTP of 95% (again keeping the Capitol Corridor service #1 in the nation).
  • System Operating Ratio: 51% YTD vs. 48% in FY10; continued growth in ridership and revenue keep ratio at standard; however, diesel fuel prices remain a budget concern.

The Capitol Corridor route continues to be third busiest route in the country, with ridership at 1.68 million for the last 12 months

Pacific Surfliners (May 2011):

  • Ridership: 251,597 passengers; +4% vs. May 2010, and +6% ahead of prior YTD
  • Ticket Revenue only: +9% vs. May 2010, and +10% vs. prior YTD
  • On-time performance for May 2011 82% (YTD FY 2011 on-time performance:80%)

San Joaquin (May 2011):

  • Ridership: 97,648 passengers +13% vs. May 2010, and +7% vs. prior YTD
  • Ticket Revenue only: +19% vs. May 2010, and +14% vs. prior YTD
  • On-time performance for May 2011: 88% (YTD FY 2011 on-time performance: 91%)
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