eNewsletter for June 20, 2011

It would seem that the engineers working for the Los Angeles MTA think there is not enough room for a track 16. This 8.5 million dollar project will repair all the canopies and build matching ones for the restored tracks. There will be other upgrades and track 7 will be upgraded and used as a joint Amtrak/Metrolink track. Congestion at LAUS is already bad and will get worse. The long term solution is to build run-through trackage at LAUS. Below is a plan of the existing station trackage with run-through tracks.Tracks 3-8 are shown being used by High Speed Rail Trains.Tracks 9-11 would be shared Amtrak-Metrolink tracks and the other tracks would be stub end tracks for Amtrak and Metrolink NB. June 20, 2011

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