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RailPAC Board elects new President

Oakland, CA March 9, 2019

The RailPAC Board met today and accepted the resignation of Paul Dyson as President after more than 12 years in the post.  The Board unanimously elected Steve Roberts as the new President.  Steve is a retired veteran of the passenger rail industry and lives in Concord, CA in the east bay area.  Steve has already made his mark at RailPAC as Vice President of Policy and Research.  Paul Dyson was thanked by the Board for his service.  He will remain on the Board and be active in Southern California, as well as continuing to edit the Association’s magazine, Steel Wheels(c).


Resuming Normal Service

Paul Dyson writes:

A combination of illness and other distractions has caused this site to be neglected for too long.  In addition the 1st Quarter edition of Steel Wheels has only just arrived at the printers.  And to add insult to injury Noel Braymer’s weekly eNews has been blocked thanks to a minor typing error.  Noel is battling to restore service and hopes to be back in circulation very soon.

Meanwhile passenger rail advocacy has not died in California.  We’re gearing up for an “interesting” year during which we’ll be raising the topic of ownership of the Coast Line between Moorpark and San Jose.  We’re also trying to get the nonsense of the Perata bus bill repealed, and we hope, politely as we can, try and stop these corridor agencies from running ill conceived “express” services.

Thank you all for your loyal support.




Important message from the RailPAC Board

Dear Passenger Rail Supporter:

RailPAC has endeavored over the past thirty eight years to advocate investment in and the greater use of passenger in California, Nevada and the west.  The campaign continues with publications, online news briefings, visits to Sacramento and DC, and with local officials.  We believe that we have made a difference, and we continue to do so. Continue Reading


Our new site

We are pleased to announce that our new web page will be more up-to-date than ever, and more useful as well. You will find all the previous content here, with the exception of the older meeting reports; those are all still at the archived 2006 site. We hope to move those remaining articles here within the next few weeks. So browse around a bit, try the new Search feature, and let us know what you think.

(p.s., RailPAC members who wish to contribute articles, please contact the site editor at .)