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RailPAC California State Legislative Resolution SJR-30

RailPAC initiates California State Legislature Resolution to support the National Network and invest in new rolling stock.
Senator Mark McGuire today (Thursday August 9th, 2018) introduced Senate Joint Resolution 30 (SJR 30), drafted by RailPAC, with language that calls for an end to the Amtrak plans to break up the National Network into short corridors funded by the States.  The full language will be posted on line soon and is subject to amendment.  The Resolution already had seven co-authors including Senate Transportation Committee chair Jim Beall.  It has been co-authored in the Assembly by Laura Friedman, (Burbank).  The purpose of this resolution is to send a strong and clear message to Amtrak, the US Department of Transportation, and the Congress, that California supports the National network and wants a fair share of Amtrak’s investment dollars.
This exciting development is the result of the close personal contacts of RailPAC member Richard Spotswood and the regular visits to the Capitol by RailPAC President Paul Dyson, Vice President Steve Roberts, Director Doug Kerr and member Geoff McLennan.  Every quarter we hand deliver Steel Wheels to each legislators office as well as the committee offices and State offices in Sacramento and introduce ourselves to the members or their staffs.
We need your help to get this passed.  CALL YOUR SENATOR AND ASSEMBLYMEMBER. Tell them you are from RailPAC and ask for them to support SJR – 30 (McGuire).
If you need help locating your representatives, go to:
Don’t put this off.  This will come up for a vote in the next week to ten days,
Let’s get this done, and who knows, maybe next year we can get a bill passed.
Contact me with any questions,