A quick look at the Future of the San Joaquin’s

Complied by Noel T. Braymer

Recently the board of the new San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority approved their first Business Plan for the San Joaquin Trains. There is a great deal of  information in the 156 page packet which includes comments of the draft and the revised final draft of the Business Plan showing changes from the original draft. Here is a Link to this Agenda item on the Business Plan for the meeting held in Sacramento on June 27th. There are several interesting issues in the Business Plan. The Comet Cars are not popular with the Authority since they have higher operating costs and have problems running on time with slower passenger loading and unloading. They want more bi-level cars. The Authority is not thrilled with the idea of running express San Joaquins on the High Speed Rail tracks while HSR is waiting for electrified trains. They find that disruptive and want to stay on the existing route. Track work is needed to add more trains. A 7th round trip will be possible after track work is finished in mid-2015. More money is needed to finish work for an 8th train. There are plans of running additional trains at mid-corridor, Fresno being the place for the new terminal. More stations are planned and extending the San Joaquin’s to Oakland’s Coliseum Station is planned.


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SJJPA Biz Plan 1

SJJPA Biz Plan 2Some of history of service expansion on the San Joaquins.

SJJPA Biz Plan 3This shows where people are coming from and going on the San Joaquins

SJJPA Biz Plan 4SJJPA Biz Plan 5The text above this graphic explains the relationship between ridership and transfers on the San Joaquins, particularly from the connecting Thruway Buses.

SJJPA Biz Plan 6

SJJPA Biz Plan 7Above is what the San Joaquin Joint Powers Authority had to say about using the High Speed Rail Right of Way.

SJJPA Biz Plan 8Above are the comments on the Comet Cars.

SJJPA Biz Plan 9

SJJPA Biz Plan 10The upper graphic shows the construction now underway which should allow a 7th train after mid 2015. The lower graphic shows the budget and work still needed for an 8th round trip train.

SJJPA Biz Plan 11

SJJPA Biz Plan 12

SJJPA Biz Plan 13

SJJPA Biz Plan 14

SJJPA Biz Plan 15

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