Amtrak Monthly Performance Report

Reported by Anthony Lee, RailPAC Associate Director
Each month Amtrak compiles a Performance Report, covering many financial and financial items. Their full (unaudited) report can be found on by going to the list of items at the bottom of the home page and selecting “News & Media” then select “Reports & Documents” and then look at the items at the bottom of the page. In this report we have selected certain items that highlight what is on that 61 page report for the month of October, 2013.

System Performance

Cost Recovery: 103%
Ridership: 2.6 million
Passenger miles: 543,488 miles
Train miles: 3.2m miles
Avg. Load Factor: 50.1%
On Time Performance: 78.5%
Fleet Availability:
locomotive: 86.3%
passenger: 89,6%

Ridership Highlights:
Acela – 18% increase in Ridership covering from Sandy

State Support-Trains: -4% decrease mainly due to Megabus and Bolt competition, track work, and the federal government shutdown

California Zephyr -9% decrease in ridership due to Colorado flooding
Southwest Chief -5.2% increase
City of New Orleans -1.8% increase
Capitol Limited -9.6% increase
Crescent -13.5% increase
Palmetto -3,7% increase
Auto Train -2.3% increase
Ethan Allen -4% increase
Vermonter – 25.2%increase
Albany-Toronto -7.7% increase
Sunset Limited – 3.5% increase

California Corridor Trains:
Capitol Corridor -18% decrease
San Joaquins -5.2%
Pacific Surfliner -4.7%

Best Sleeper Ridership:

Cardinal- +10.4%
Lake Shore Limited- +14.2%
Capitol Limited- +0.5%
Silver Star- +4.6%
Silver Meteor- +9.1%
Auto train +4.3
Sunset Limited- +6.5%

October OTP Highlights:
Best Short Distance OTP:
Acela Express- 82.8%
Northeast Regional Lynchburg service-91.9%
Capitol Corridor -95.6%
Cascades -89.1%
Empire Corridor -82.1%
Hiawatha -89.2%
Missouri-River Runner -93.5%
Pennsylvanian -88.7%

Best Long distance OTP:
Auto Train -85.5%
City of New Orleans -95.2%

Western Long Distance Trains OTP:
Southwest Chief – 72.6%
Sunset Limited -61.5%
Coast Starlight – 77.4%
California Zephyr – 58.1%
Empire Builder -41.1%
Texas Eagle -62.9%

California Corridor Trains OTP:
Capitol Corridor – 95.6%
San Joaquin -83.8%
Pacific Surfliner -73.5%

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