eNewsletter for September 9, 2013

Highlights from the LOSSAN TAC meeting minutes for August 8, 2013. San Diego County plans to go to bid soon for a new siding at San Onofre to Pulgas, a third through track with a 3rd platform at Oceanside, and the Los Peñasquitos Bridges Replacement. San Diego County has committed over $400 million in LOSSAN rail corridor projects and plans to double track nearly the entire corridor in San Diego County by 2030. In Los Angeles County bids are planned to go out soon for run-through tracks at Los Angeles Union Station and for a grade separation in the San Fernando Valley at Doran Street. Rail traffic will be closed between San Juan Capistrano and Oceanside September 21, September 28, and October 5 on Saturdays for work done on the pedestrian crossing and rehabbing of the San Clemente Pier Station.

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