eNewsletter for August 12, 2013

Amtrak has finished its management reorganization which means laying off many competent and highly experienced employees. Standing out in this group leaving Amtrak is Brian Rosenwald best known for his introduction of the Pacific Parlor Car among many upgrades on the Coast Starlight. Despite Amtrak’s PR and misleading accounting, it has been in a slow downwards spiral since the 1990’s. Amtrak had to be bailed out with a massive increase of its subsidy after a near shutdown in 2002 which the taxpayers are still paying. Behind this downwards spiral is Amtrak’s fixation on the Northeast Corridor and High Speed Trains both of which are very expensive to operate. Amtrak neglects its long distance service and does so at its peril. Amtrak need broad political support from most of country to survive which is only served by Long Distance Trains. Amtrak ignores the fact that long distance service is the most productive revenue producers for all transportation services, not only passenger rail service. NB


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