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Rail PHOTOS of the Month (January, 2013)

Here are 5 photos by RailPAC photographers. Click on the photo to see it full size!

1. 031

Looking out the rear window of a Superliner car can bring some great views. Here the Coast Starlight, Train 14, is departing the Chemult, Oregon station. (Photo by Alex Friedman)

2. Strandberg trip 10-2011 Colfax platform #6

Passengers are boarding the eastbound California Zephyr at the Colfax, California station in October, 2011. This is the location of the UP freight derailment in January, 2013 which blocked the line for two days. Fortunately there were no passengers at the scene at that time. (Photo by Richard Strandberg)

3. Noel August2,2011traintrip014

This Amtrak low level trainset is still in use on the LOSSAN Corridor. Instead of a cab control car this set has a former F-40 rebuilt “cabbage” car on the end. (Photo by Noel Braymer)

4. Noel August2,2011traintrip012

This Metrolink set of Rotem cars at the Los Angeles Union Station platform makes an outstanding sight, particularly as compared with the Amfleet set above. (Photo by Noel Braymer)

5. DSCN1532

Where is that dome car going? Nowhere is the immediate answer. This car is attached to the cars on the Amtrak “protect” track south of the Ft. Worth Intermodal station on January 24, 2013. It is one of Ed Ellis’s IOWA PACIFIC fleet of dome cars, and could be eventually heading west for the Snow Train. (Photo by Russ Jackson)

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