RailPAC: Who and what are we?

By Russ Jackson, Marcus Jung and William Kerby
Just what is RailPAC all about?  We are frequently asked.  Since the late 1970’s when the group was founded as “Citizens for Rail California, Inc.,” which is our legal corporate name, and in 1984 adopted the dba name Rail Passenger Association of California, here is what we are as we look to the future of passenger rail:
The RailPAC Mission: Passenger rail advocacy, Publications…both print and electronic, Representation at regional meetings, and Rail education. Join us!  More memberships increase our strength in presenting the case for rail to policymakers at all levels!
This simple statement appears at the top of each “page” on our website, www.railpac.org, on the back cover of the Steel Wheels publication, and on the weekly electronic newsletter so everyone knows what RailPAC is and what we do.  As it also says on the back cover, we are legally a non-profit corporation organized under 501(C)(3), and donations are tax deductible.

Being a “citizens” group means we advocate and participate in the growth of passenger rail not only in California and Nevada, but we are involved in helping to shape the national scene so that not only our members, but everyone has an opportunity to travel by rail whether it is across the country or within the communities where we live.  Active participation means all “citizens” who are like-minded are encouraged to join us and work toward goals that will continue to deliver fiscally responsible, safe, reliable, and frequent passenger rail service.  RailPAC will continue to provide you with information, and will represent your views. 

Not yet a RailPAC member?  We invite you to join today!  Simply complete the membership form on the back page, or join online at www.railpac.org using a major credit card.  Your membership dues will help support RaiPAC’s work and aid in expanding and improving passenger rail service.  Our members receive a copy of Steel Wheels in the mail every other month and a weekly e-newsletter where they enjoy reading about current issues affecting passenger rail service throughout California and the West.  We welcome your comments and can be reached at info@xg1.b3e.myftpupload.com or415-787-2252.
Thank you for joining us!

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