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2012: A look Back in Pictures

Edited by Noel T. Braymer

Much happened with rail service in California and the best way to show it is to look back with photos. To enlarge a picture place cursor over the picture and left click with mouse.

This year saw the introduction of Bicycle Cars with lower level seats removed for more bike racks on Metrolink.

April 2012 saw the start up of the Expo Line from downtown Los Angeles going west eventually to Santa Monica

Another view of the Expo Line in Los Angeles on Flower St.

Construction this year for more double tracking in San Diego at Sorrento Valley. Just over half of the railroad in San Diego County is double tracked. In the coming years almost all of rail in San Diego will be double tracked.

The View of construction to extend the Expo Line to Santa Monica from the current terminus in Culver City.. The Expo Line was extended to Culver City this summer and service to Santa Monica is planned by 2015

Construction during the weekend of September 8th and 9th shut down rail service in San Diego County for the construction of a pedestrian tunnel in Encinitas. This is the first of 4 planned in this town.

Improvements this September of the platforms in Stockton. Long term a new station with connections to intercity and commuter service is needed.

A San Diego Trolley Station being overhauled. San Diego is overhauling most of its Trolley system. This includes new raised platform to allow use of low level cars which will greatly improve loading all passenger and speed up service

San Diego extended the Green Line from Old town to downtown along the bay shore line. This allows transfer to the entire system with only one stop and is faster bypassing the slow street running downtown.

The New Platforms and tracks in Sacramento this September. The tight curve has been taken out at the Sacramento Station. This is part of a long term project to upgrade the Station and redevelop the property around it and the old SP Shops.

The new Platform 7 at LAUS bringing back tracks 13 and 14 which was finished this October. This is phase 1 to building run-through tracks at LAUS which was part of the deal for High Speed Rail securing funding to build them by 2018.

The Passons Blvd grade separation in Pico Rivera is nearing completion which came in December 2012. This leaves only a few more grade crossings left on the busy BNSF mainline between Fullerton and Los Angeles.

Construction underway for the new Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center or ARTIC. This will be the new Anaheim Station near the present one serving both Anaheim Stadium and the Honda Center seen in the background.

Recent improvements by Metrolink of Lang Siding between Palmdale and Santa Clarita. This is the start of many improvements which will lead to High Speed Rail Service between Los Angeles and Bakersfield.

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