November 15th workshop for the Sacramento Valley Station Phase 2

Meeting notice from Gregory Taylor, Project Manager, Sacramento Valley Station Phase 2, Department of Public Works

“The City of Sacramento is asking for help getting passengers to attend our workshop. We need patrons of the longer haul trains from the station – Coast Starlight, California Zephyr, and the San Joaquins. With the active participation of the CC Riders and other constituents of the Capitols, I am sure we will get a good turnout and input from that set of users. However, we want to ensure that we get good feedback from riders who use baggage services and have particular needs and expectations for the regional and interstate services of Amtrak. Those folks are less likely to come to this event or get involved without direct invitation. Therefore, whether they are occasional riders or have experience with other Amtrak stations that may be relevant to our project, we would be happy to send invites to them.”

“We really want to make this station the best it can be for the passengers in this Phase 2 of the Sacramento Intermodal Terminal Facility.”

To be invited to attend this workshop, let RailPAC know by Email at

by Wednesday of this week. We will pass along your request to the City of Sacramento.

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