eNewsletter for August 13, 2012

I can’t comment on Amtrak’s Food Service but I recommend the link to the article in this issue Amtrak food and beverage service; real facts and figures . The problem with the cost of food service is we don’t know what costs are being charged by Amtrak for it. This is a quote from The High Cost of Amtrak Accounting by Andrew C. Selden and E. P. Hamilton III printed by Passenger Train Journal, 1984. As early as 1975, the late Joseph V. McDonald, an Amtrak board member, discovered Amtrak’s route accounting was arbitrarily charging train (not service) crew costs to the Montrealer at a rate sufficient to pay for 26 enginemen and trainmen per crew, rather than the actual complement of five men. He concluded that Amtrak route accounting was arbitrary and misleading.

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