eNewsletter for July 23, 2012

The money for construction of run-through tracks at LAUS is a BIG DEAL for RailPAC. It will cut at least 5 minutes out of the running time for trains coming and going from LAUS and greatly increase track capacity at the station which is now congested. Back in the late 1970’s there were plans to use Union Station as a massive parking lot and terminal for the Downtown People Mover which would have been an automated mostly elevated, grade-separated mini train running through downtown LA. The original plans would have made it impossible to extend the tracks over the freeway to build run-through tracks at LAUS. Heavy lobbying by what is now RailPAC lead by then President Byron Nordberg was able to reroute the People Mover so not to block future run-through tracks. The People Mover Project was finally killed by the Reagan Administration in April 1981.

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