eNewsletter for July 8, 2012

The breakdown of the roughly $8 billion dollars pledged for rail construction from this legislation is $5.9 billion dollars for construction between Madera and Bakerfield for a new high speed railroad to be finished in 5 year. It will be use by the San Joaquin Trains by 2016. This comes with a $3.3 billion Federal grant and $2.6 billion State match from the approved sale of State Bonds. An additional $2.1 billion dollars from bond funding is for local projects including money for electrification of Caltrain, car order for BART, subway construction for Muni, as well as money for ACE improvement with an extension to Merced and $500 million in Southern California for track improvements between Anaheim and Palmdale. NB

July 9, 2012 Part 1  July 2, 2012 Part 2

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