Sunset Limited Early Morning Arrival in LA Information

NOTE: The info below is being distributed to passengers arriving on the Sunset Limited, train #1, at Los Angeles Union Station. The scheduled arrival time of this train there is 5:35 AM now with the new timetable effective May 7, 2012.

Train #1, as well as #3 the Southwest Chief cannot be scheduled to arrive between 6 and 8 AM because of Metrolink schedules, but can arrive in that time subject to Metrolink delays as has been done in the recent past. The first day’s arrival of #1 in Los Angeles on the new schedule was Wednesday, May 9: Scheduled at 5:35 am; Actual: 6:24 am Delay: 49 minutes. The train was on time departing New Orleans but two hours late out of San Antonio, which was cut to 1 1/2 hours late at Pomona. The padding time was accommodated by Metrolink for the LAUS arrival at 49 minutes late. –Russ Jackson, RailPAC.

Union Station Food Establishments

La Famina Convenience Store — open 24 hours

Starbucks — open 4:30 AM

Subway — open 5 AM

Los Angeles MTA Building (south end of loading tunnel and up the stairs) Cafeteria — open 6:30 AM

Metropolitan Water District Cafeteria (west of Amtrak ticket counter) – open 6:30 AM

Area Food Establishments

Philippe, “the Original” Restaurant – open 6 AM
1001 N. Alameda

Connecting Transportation

LAX Flyway Bus (south end loading tunnel) departures at 4 am, 5 am and then starting at 5:50 AM every twenty minutes

LAMTA Gold Line — service begins at 3:40 AM

LAMTA Red Line – service begins at 4:30 AM

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