eNewsletter for November 7, 2011

 I have it on good authority that Boardman, in discussions with his top aides, defines Amtrak’s priorities toward train service as Northeast Corridor first, state-supported short-distance trains second, and long-distance trains a distant third. Were I in his shoes, I’d do the same thing. There was also a defining moment in a Senate hearing this year, when asked by Susan Collins, R-Maine, why Amtrak’s deficit for 2011 was rising despite increased ridership, that Boardman blurted in response, “It’s the long-distance trains!”… Is Amtrak considering another round of cut backs on Long Distance Trains in the face of  Congress likely turning down their full subsidy request? Every time Amtrak has cut Long Distance Trains they end up with a deeper deficit.

November 7, 2011

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