eNewsletter for October 17, 2011

Planning for the San Joaquin Valley alignment has been ongoing for at least 5 years. If the people in the Valley and the High Speed Rail Authority can’t come to an agreement soon on where to build HSR, there are plenty of other places which are ready to take the money and run with it. Orange and Los Angeles Counties come to mind. Based on work done or ongoing I believe in a short time with funding we could see construction begun on four tracks between Los Angeles and Fullerton with complete grade-separation. We could get run through tracks at Los Angeles Union Station plus track and signal upgrades between Anaheim and Lancaster for speeds over 100 miles per hour. Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties are planning a freeway between Palmdale and Victorville with a median reserved for fast rail service. With funding this could be accelerated and tied in to rail service to Las Vegas. NB

October 17,2011

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