eNewsletter for September 6, 2011

Prop 1A which approved up to almost 10 billion dollars in state bonds for High Speed Rail also had a provision for a Peer Review Group to oversee the project to see that it was well managed and money not wasted… This group, none of whom are paid for their services is under the leadership of former Caltrans Director and current CEO of the Orange County Transportation Authority William Kempton. In a Letter dated August 22, Mr. Kempton speaking for the Peer Review Group wrote to State Senator Simitan (D-Palo Alto) and Assemblyman Gordon (D-Menlo Park) in reply to their’s and Representative Eschoo questions about the possibility of Caltrain and HSR sharing tracks in the Bay Area Peninsula. …“For those reasons, the Group has previously recommended a “shared use” or “phased implementation” approach that is consistent with your proposal. With that said, however, the concept will have no point unless the HSRA acts to shift an appropriate amount of investment into the two end segments…”

September 6, 2011


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