eNewsletter – May 9, 2011

It appears at least to this editor that after almost 15 years of planning, economic reality is forcing major replanning for the California High Speed Rail Project. In most cases this seems to be for the best. The possibility of bypassing Palmdale may be motivated to save 30 miles and time to meet the goal of 2 hour and 40 minute running times between Los Angeles and San Francisco with slower speeds in some segments than had been planned. This could be opposed by Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Michael Antonovich  who is a major supporter of High Speed Rail and has Palmdale in his district. Antonovich is a good example of why High Speed Rail is not a  “Liberal ” issue since he is the most conservative member of the Board of Supervisors. At the very least Antonovich will demand major upgrades for faster Metrolink service in his district. NB  RailPAC eNewsletter for May 9, 2011

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