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Amtrak Updates Fleet Strategy Plan

Commentary by Jarrod DellaChiesa, Director

I wish this was an April Fools prank, but it isn’t.

Amtrak today released an updated Fleet Strategy Plan, but not suprisingly, all attention is still focused on single-level services and the NEC.  Electric locomotives (to be made in California) and single-level cars have been ordered, and Amtrak announced in February that 40 Acela coach cars will be ordered in FY 2012.  The diesel locomotives delivery schedule has been delayed under the updated plan as well.

An expanded fleet is much of what is holding us back from achieving an even larger percentage of Amtrak ridership.  Now is the time to write to Joe Boardman, the Amtrak Board of Directors and your state and federal representatives and urge them once again to equally support the West Coast long distance and corridor routes.

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