Don Sepulveda joins Metro

Don Sepulveda has joined Metro has the Executive Officer – Regional Rail.   Don will be leading the regional rail team in working on matters related to high speed rail, Metrolink and intercity rail corridors (such as I-5 and the LOSSAN corridor).

Done comes to Metro after spending his career in the private sector as a consulting engineer.  Don has worked on all the phases of high speed rail, including the early statewide planning efforts and the project specific environmental work on several of the segments currently in design.  IN addition, he has worked closely with the Alameda Corridor, Metrolink and other civil infrastructure projects.  In 2009, Don was appointed by the Southern California Regional Rail Authority board to co-chair the peer review that produced comprehensive recommendations regarding the safety and governance of Metrolink.

RailPAC congratulates Don and looks forward to working with him.

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