February CA Intercity Passenger Rail Performance

Reported by David B. Kutrosky, Managing Director, CCJPA

(Download:  February 2011 Performance Report)

The economic rebound and skyrocketing gas prices have helped Capitol Corridor achieve another monthly ridership record.  Ridership in February soared a remarkable 13.5 percent compared to February 2010–125,201 passengers rode Capitol Corridor trains last month compared to the 110,280 customers who rode in February 2010. Revenue rose 16 percent compared to the same period last year.  February 2011 is the best February results in the history of the service surpassing the 124,050 passengers in February 2009 when the economy was peaking and gas prices were at record levels.  On-time performance (OTP) for the Capitol Corridor was a remarkable 96 percent keeping us number one in the nation for over two consecutive years!

Despite February’s inclement winter weather, it was the second month in a row where the Capitol Corridor achieved double-digit results without special discount offers.  These stellar performance results can be attributed to an improved economy, pain at the gas pump and our superior on-time-performance.  When it comes to public transport, customers return when they know they can rely on a system that’s affordable and convenient.

Clearly, our continuing trend in growing ridership demonstrates that the Capitol Corridor is not only reliable, but it’s truly an economical, stress-free environmentally-friendly alternative to driving alone.   Soon we will begin our popular spring promotions, which will attract even more customers to our service which should allow the Capitol Corridor to continue these positive results and match and/or exceed our business plan projections.

In highlighting the Capitol Corridor’s successful February, the combined efforts of our partners deserve to be recognized:  Kudos to Union Pacific Railroad, our host railroad, for its reliable dispatching and to Amtrak, our operating partner, for its dedication and commitment to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Capitol Corridor (February 2011):

  • Ridership:  125,201 riders; +13.5% vs. February 2010; +8.4% vs. prior YTD
  • Revenue: $2,009,616; +16% vs. February 2010; +11% vs. prior YTD
  • On-Time Performance: 96%; YTD OTP of 96%
    (keeping the Capitol Corridor service #1 in the nation).
  • System Operating Ratio: 49% YTD vs. 46% in FY10; continued growth in ridership and revenue keep ratio at standard

The Capitol Corridor route continues to be third busiest route in the country, with ridership at 1.63 million for the last 12 months

Pacific Surfliners (February 2011):

  • Ridership: 199,785 passengers; +11% vs. February 2010, and +6% ahead of prior YTD
  • Ticket Revenue only: +12% vs. February 2010, and +10% vs. prior YTD
  • On-time performance for February 2011 85%
    (YTD FY 2011 on-time performance: 79%)

San Joaquin (February 2011):

  • Ridership: 74,562 passengers +4% vs. February 2010, and +3% vs. prior YTD
  • Ticket Revenue only: +12% vs. February 2010, and +12% vs. prior YTD
  • On-time performance for February 2011: 94%
    (YTD FY 2011 on-time performance: 92%).
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