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Demonstrating Why We Need New Railcars Now: Amtrak #763

Commentary by Jarrod DellaChiesa, Director and Website Editor

On Saturday, May 15 Amtrak passengers were not allowed to board Pacific Surfliner #763 in Chatsworth.  Would-be passengers reported the Conductor designated the train as “overcrowded and unsafe”.  Ridership was high on this run due to passengers traveling to the Strawberry Festival.

We desperately need new railcars in order to increase capacity on Pacific Surfliner, Capital Corridor and San Joaquin trains.  Voter approved state bond money needs to be released so a car order can be placed.

Agencies need to work together to utilize equipment to meet the needs of the public.  Metrolink trains sit in the siding in Montalvo and Moorpark on the weekends.  Extra trains should be scheduled to provide additional capacity so people can leave their cars at home and take the train.

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