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More on the Coast Starlight China

Reported by Jarrod DellaChiesa, Website Editor and CSCN Project Coordinator

As reported a few days ago, the Coast Starlight is finally doing away with plastic dinnerware and synthetic tablecloths and is re-introducing full china service and linen.  This is exciting because passengers will once again receive a quality Dining Car experience.

Here are some additional details …

  • Train 14 out of LA on February 9 was the first to receive China.  Since there are four Coast Starlight trainsets, as of today all trainsets will have china on board and in service.
  • To support dishwashing, the previous seasonal downstairs position, Food Specialist, has been converted into a full-year position.
  • The Starlight is already staffed with two Service Attendants year-round.  Due to higher ridership, a third will be added seasonally.  What great news as we approach the busy Spring Break and Summer seasons.
  • One previously disappointing part of the Parlour Car dining experience was that they were only serving china during Dinner service.  With this rollout, the Parlour Car will have china service with all meals.

This is the result of a comprehensive Route Performance Improvement (RPI) analysis to enhance Coast Starlight customer service, product quality and market performance and the advocacy efforts of groups like the Coast Starlight Communities Network, RailPAC and NARP.

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