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Increase Your Community’s Awareness of Local Stations

Reported by Jarrod DellaChiesa, RailPAC Director
In 2009, 29,976 passengers traveled to and from the Hayward station.  It is always surprising how few people even know Hayward has an Amtrak station or that a passenger train passes through our town. 

With plans for up to 22 round trips in 2012-2015 and 32 in 2015-2020, increased community awareness of our station will be key.  Amtrak’s Sales Promotion website has free trailblazer signs available for cities to install to direct potential passengers to their stations.


I have been working with the city to install trailblazer signs throughout Hayward on city streets and highways since 2008.  The City of Hayward has now approved the proposed signs and is preparing to install them.

Google Map of sign locations:
Installation of the signs is scheduled to happen in three phases.

  • Phase 1:  Replace Current Signs on City Streets
  • Phase 2:  New Signs on City Streets
  • Phase 3:  Signs on Freeways

Phases 1 and 2 have been approved by the City of Hayward.  I am currently procuring the signs and the City of Hayward will install them when they arrive.

Phase 3 has not yet been approved by Caltrans.


  • Determine where signs could be installed to do the most good
  • Create a map of proposed sign locations and send it to your community’s street department
  • Work with officials to refine sign locations and determine responsibility for their installation.  Most communities are not able to do work on freeways or highways.
  • Once officials involved have approved the sign locations, they can order the trailblazer signs from Western Folder.  They will need to provide Amtrak with a list of addresses where the signs will be installed while placing the order.
  • Responsible parties/agencies install the signs upon arrival
  • Now more people know about the station in your community!

Are you going to implement this in your community?  I would love to know!

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