Central Coast Train Day rescheduled at Santa Barbara


9:00 am Ventura County electeds meet on the Oxnard Station platform
9:00 am Santa Barbara County electeds meet on the Santa Barbara Station platform
9:20 am Train Departs Santa Barbara Station Southbound for Carpinteria with electeds
9:21 am Train Departs Oxnard Station Northbound for Santa Barbara with electeds
9:35 am Southbound train arrives in Carpinteria. Santa Barbara County electeds disembark. There is a 22 minute wait for the return trip, during which a magician will entertain people, and guests can mingle.
9:57 am Northbound train Arrives in Carpinteria. Ventura County electeds remain on the train, Santa Barbara County electeds reboard. Magician will entertain, and guests can continue to mingle.
10:12 am Train arrives at the Santa Barbara Station, where those who did not ride are waiting to greet the train. The arrival kicks off the children’s’ festival activities. Electeds head straight to staging area for the press conference.
10:15 am Press Conference begins, with media availability to follow
Childrens’ festival is ongoing, with train cookie decorating contest and carnival games
11:10 Final remarks
11:15 am Those taking the Downtown Shuttle to catch the VISTA bus back to Oxnard head to Mason St. to catch the Downtown Shuttle, or start the walk up to City Hall where the bus picks up.
11: 37 am VISTA bus Southbound to Ventura (with Gold Coast Connection to Oxnard) picks up at Santa Barbara City Hall
12:00 pm Chidlren’s festival ends
12:30 pm Amtrak Bus Southbound to Oxnard leaves
2:00pm Amtrak train Southbound to Oxnard leaves

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