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Train Day PHOTOS

From Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, and Ft. Worth!
May 9, 2009.
Photos and comments by RailPAC photographers. lausplaza5-9-091

1. LOS ANGELES UNION STATION (Photos by Mike Palmer, who rode Surfliner trains to get to Train Day at LAUS.)

lausplaza5-9-09 The Plaza (right) looking back at the clock tower. The historic Harvey restaurant was open for displays.

On Display: (below) A Pacific Surfliner locomotive decked out in bright orange and red as part of the Operation Life Saver program, aimed at surfers! Other passenger cars from Amtrak were available for tours by the public.

The RailPAC table inside LAUS. The next table was the table for The Depot Inn & Suites in La Plata, MO. Members who attended the May 2 RailPAC-NARP joint meeting received a 2 for 1 coupon for that hotel, which is home of the Exhibition of Amtrak History. Amtrak President Joe Boardman will attend a function there soon.

Display tables for many rail organizations filled the area including Amtrak’s Energy Usage Display.

A very popular attraction was Disney’s “Christmas Carol” 6-car national tour train, which includes 3 former Art Train cars, which will visit 40 cities starting later this month. Visitors are treated to a tour using movie set, sound stage, and state of the art interactive video technologies.

2. SAN LUIS OBISPO (Photos and comments by David Weisman)
td-15s The Train Day band at the San Luis Obispo station, Justin Au and the “Basin Street Regulars” poses in front of “cabbage car” (ex-F-40) 90208, which awaits departure of the Coast Daylight/Surfliner train 798/99.

SLO “station host” David Weisman at the Train Day table inside SLO station, which was stocked with brochures, food and drinks, and much friendly train advice.

The band plays outside for the entertainment not only of the visitors, but also passengers on the Coast Starlight trains that arrived on time at SLO that day.

Also inside SLO station was a big display of railroad photography by Rich Hansen, and (shown) an HO model train exhibit from members of the SLO Model Railroad Club. The Amtrak ticket counter can be seen in the background.

3. Ft. Worth, Texas, Intermodal station. (Photos by Russ Jackson)

Amtrak’s Texas Eagle #22 stands ready to depart Ft. Worth on Train Day. Visitors were able to see the cars during its servicing stop there. Also during Train Day hours the Heartland Flyer arrived from Oklahoma City.

Amtrak 203, the backup locomotive stationed at Ft. Worth, was open for visitors to board. An engineer was there to help visitors learn about how it operates.

Also on display were UP’s newest switcher, UPY 2300; UP 1988, painted in MKT (Katy) red; and BNSF GE ES44DC #7547. Several BNSF officials were on duty, including one who said he was “in charge of FREDs” (the rear end warning devices on freight trains). The foreground platform is used by the TRE.

A TRE “push” commuter train is about to depart Ft. Worth for its trip to Dallas Union Station. Many Train Day visitors arrived on the TRE, or on the many buses that come to the station. Greyhound is now operating from this location. There is a new Subway Sandwich shop in the building, too!

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