Letter to Members from Paul Dyson
With passenger rail on the national agenda as never before, and a flow of federal funds coming in the next few months such as we have never seen before, we have an unparalleled opportunity to achieve some of our long time goals.

We have put together a program of speakers for our May 2 meeting in Los Angeles which includes some of the most influential decision makers in passenger rail. We need you to support this meeting. We need a show of strength which will send a clear message to Mr. Boardman and the other officials: California is under served and under invested. Amtrak has neglected California for too long and relied too heavily on state support. We need:

  • The Coast Daylight train to start immediately.
  • A Daily Sunset Limited.
  • An immediate order of passenger rolling stock for the overnight and California corridor trains.
  • If you care about passenger rail, make your reservation today for our May 2 meeting in Los Angeles. Go to the meeting announcement and reservation form below and send in your check or use Paypal today. I happen to think this is the most important meeting we have ever staged and every RailPAC and NARP member or supporter should do their utmost to attend.

    Paul Dyson

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