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Rail Photos for Christmas

From Phoenix, Arizona; Santa Fe, New Mexico, Dallas-Ft. Worth Texas, and California.   Comments by Russ Jackson, RailPAC Secretary-Emeritus.   Photos by contibuting photographers with our thanks.


This year’s Christmas tree is from Phoenix on December 13.  (Photo by Gene Holmerud)


After the tree lighting ceremony “the second act was free rides that left the Central & Washington station” on the new Phoenix Metro Light Rail.  The rider on the left in the red shirt is the Arizona Rail Passenger Association’s Bill Lindley, who is also a RailPAC Associate Director.  (Photo by Gene Holmerud)


New Mexico’s Railrunner trains were extended to the capitol city Santa Fe on December 17.  This was the scene on the first day of public use at the snow filled downtown Santa Fe station.  (Photo by Bob Snow)


The Railrunner shares the new downtown Santa Fe rail station and shopping area with the Santa Fe Southern tourist dinner train.  (Photo by Bob Snow)


On a cold wintry December day these passengers are detraining from a Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas TRE commuter train.  One of the original trainsets is on the left, and one of the newer Bombardier bi-level trainsets is on the right.  The latter are identical cars to the Coaster, Metrolink, ACE, and Sounder.  (Photo by Russ Jackson)


This is the Los Angeles MTA’s 2008 Christmas tree, in the lobby of the MTA building adjacent to Los Angeles Union Station.  (Photo by Mike Palmer)


An inbound Metrolink train arrives on time at the snow covered Palmdale station on December 20.  Some doors to the station were closed, due to melting snow falling off the station roof.  The “help wanted” billboard is a sign of other times.  (Photo by Mike Palmer)

We end with Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!  

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