RailPAC Roundtable PHOTOS

Reported by photographer Mike Palmer

Los Angeles Union Station was BUSY on Saturday, July 10. Lots of people on the trains. The line waiting for the Northbound Surfliner #775 around 2:45 (scheduled departure at 2:55) was very long. Metrolink had tons of people getting off the trains at the station.

The RailPAC Roundtable met for about 90 minutes in the plaza between the main waiting room and the Amtrak bus boarding area.

The group discussion, led by President Paul Dyson (center with hat), VP South James Smith (left of Mr. Dyson), and Associate Director Ken Ruben (in tam). Some new members showed up for the talks.

Another view of the group, showing the beautiful day at LAUS in the patio area. The Amtrak bus loading area is beyond the wall.

Metrolink provides limited service on Saturdays. The Metrolink noon departure to Lancaster was very well patronized. I did a quick turnaround trip to Sun Valley (all I had time for).

This is my returning train arriving at the Sun Valley station. It was not quite as crowded, and was running maybe 10 minutes late.

A great way to spend Saturday.

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