Train Day PHOTOS 3

From Los Angeles Union Station and Fullerton

Photos by Mike Palmer for RailPAC (except as noted). NOTE: Other photos from LAUS are forthcoming and will be posted when they are available. A set of photos can also be found on Trainweb’s “What’s New” page.
Visitors to Los Angeles Union Station from the MTA parking structure first see this historic mural above the east entrance to the pedestrian tunnel. (file photo by Russ Jackson)

Photographer Mike Palmer rode Surfliner #769 from Fullerton to LAUS, which was an apporpriate thing to do on Train Day. Mike reported he had to be a standee, and that Business Class was sold out!

The RailPAC table at LAUS included (l-r) Caltrans Division of Rail Associate Robin Owen, RailPAC/Coast Starlight advocate Justin Walker, and RailPAC member/Southern California Transit Advocate member John Ulloth.

Mike Palmer reported that Union Station was very crowded. Cab ride simulators/video screens were very popular and there was a long line to check them out. He rode the Gold Line train to Pasadena as part of his day.

Another view of the RailPAC table with (l-r) John Ulloth again, and Oliver Lieu of California High Speed Rail.

At the Fullerton Amtrak station Nena greeted visitors to Train Day with handouts and refreshments.

Mike Palmer took Surfliner #582 back to Fullerton, and rode Business Class this trip. He reported it had a respectable load but was running up to 15 minutes late. End of a perfect day on Train Day.

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