February Capitol Corridor statistics

From the CCJPA. For a full report of each train’s on time performance, go to www.capitolcorridor.org
The February 2008 statistics show a continued upward trend in the growth of Capitol Corridor’s ridership and revenue.

— even factoring in that there was an extra day in the month, and in comparison to low ridership and poor on-time performance in February 2007 that was due to track and tie maintenance projects between Richmond and Martinez.

The growth can be possibly attributed to improved on-time performance (February 2008 was 89% compared with 51% in February 2007). However, increasing gas prices and focused customer service delivery seem to have an impact as well.

Monthly Performance Report
February 2008
Capitol Corridor
Stats at-a-glance

124,086 passengers
+19.7% vs. FEB. 07
Ticket Revenue:
+28.2% vs. FEB. 07
On-time Performance:
vs. 50.9% in FEB. 07

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