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Rail PHOTOS for November

The Sprinter; The Sacramento RT; and A Metrolink locomotive in need.
sprinter-at-oceanside.jpg november-2007-006.jpg

Oceanside and Folsom in these photos.

A Sprinter trainset is at the Amtrak/Sprinter station in Oceanside. Testing of the line is in progress toward a December 28 dedication and opening of service. (Noel Braymer photo)

A Sprinter at the new Oceanside Transit Center Sprinter platforms. The original design for the Transit Center, including Sprinter platforms, was done in the early 1980’s by RailPAC founders Byron Nordberg and Dr. Adrian Herzog. Amtrak, Greyhound, Coaster, Metrolink, NCTD buses, and now the Sprinter all converge here. The Transit Center contains a plaque honoring the late Mr. Nordberg. (Mike Barnbaum photo)

A Sprinter train is on the overcrossing to California State University San Maracos. The Sprinter will directly serve CSUSM and Palomar (Community) College. (Bill Lindley photo)

An on time Sacramento RT light rail train enters the Folsom station on November 7. This line has proven to be very successful in this growing community. A three story parking garage is being built across the street. (Russ Jackson photo)

The Folsom station is a crew change point. The 30 minute headways required by the single track from here have held back ridership expansion. (Russ Jackson photo)

A Metrolink locomotive is at the Oceanside Transit Center on November 4. Notice that it is showing wear and tear from heavy use, and the “periwinkle blue” paint job is fading. (Mike Barnbaum photo)

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