RailPAC welcomes expanded Metrolink weekend service

September 5, 2007.
PRESS RELEASE: RailPAC President Paul Dyson today called for continued expansion of Metrolink train service throughout the region.
In welcoming the additional trains on the Antelope Valley line on Saturday, and service for the first time on Sunday, Dyson said that: “At last Metrolink is beginning to fulfill its potential as a true Regional Rail system.”

RailPAC’s policy calls for “all day, everyday” service on Metrolink’s 7 routes. “With 54 stations, and existing rights of way and rolling stock Metrolink is our lowest cost way of increasing regional mobility”, added Dyson. “With reductions in state transit funds, Metrolink represents the best way to enhance service, especially in the San Fernando Valley and north Los Angeles County.”

RailPAC is an all-volunteer group that has campaigned since 1979 for improved rail passenger service. Information at

Paul Dyson, President
(Photo by Noel Braymer)

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