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A PHOTO report by Russ Jackson, RailPAC

What happened to trains 733, 6, and 724 that morning?

10:55 AM Saturday, May 12, 2007. Amtrak Thruway bus arrives at the Davis station bringing transfer passengers from Stockton who rode the San Joaquin train. This is the scheduled time of arrival of Capitol train 733 from Sacramento. Eastbound Capitol train 724 was due at 10:27, and train #6, the eastbound California Zephyr, was due at 10:36, but neither has yet arrived.

RailPAC director, Anthony Lee, who is on board 724 calls from the train saying that #6 is “on the bridge” and should get to Davis ahead of his train.

11:05 AM. The California Zephyr pulls into Davis station. In this view at the east end of the platform you can see #6’s locomotive and the headlights for Capitol train 733, which is waiting at the crossover to enter the station on the same track the Zephyr is on.

aprilmay-2007-003.jpgaprilmay-2007-005.jpg(Upper) The Zephyr is delayed loading several passengers who need assistance. (Lower) The Zephyr departs at about 11:18, crossing over to the south track for its journey into Sacramento. It is now 40 minutes late.

11:20 AM Capitol train 724 finally arrives from the Bay Area, following #6 on the north track. A large crowd detrains, including Anthony Lee (second from right).

11:24 AM Eastbound train 724 has crossed over to the south track, allowing westbound 733 (above) to finally enter the station after waiting since 10:55.

This delay-filled half hour was caused by Union Pacific freight interference west of Suisun, which held #6 and #724 until a freight train passed.

3:50 PM Later that afternoon Capitol 743 arrived on time at Davis. This view shows only a portion of the huge number of bicycles parked at that station which are ridden by UC Davis students who take the trains.

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