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For April, see FOUR new photos from Roseville, CA, the Los Angeles Gold Line, and Texas! All photos by RailPAC’s Russ Jackson.

Amtrak train #6, the California Zephyr, arrives at the Roseville station platform, located at the East end of the UP’s Roseville yard, on March 24. While the UP was rebuilding the bridge damaged by the March 15 fire the Zephyr terminated at Roseville, with the equipment laying over at McLellan AFB. With both tracks of the bridge now open ahead of schedule, the Zephyr has resumed its journey into the Bay Area. See Gene Skoropowski’s comments in “The UP can fix ’em FAST” on this website.

The rebuilt historic Roseville, CA, station sees the California Zephyrs, the Auburn Capitol trains, and Amtrak Thruway buses to/from Reno. The station is staffed by a travel agent’s office. This bus has arrived from Colfax on March 24 to drop passengers for the Zephyr and pick up several passengers connecting with Capitol train 737 at the Sacramento station.

This group took time out from the RailPAC/NARP meeting for their first rides on the Los Angeles Gold Line. (l-r) Arizona RPA Treasurer/RailPAC website maintainer Bill Lindley from Scottsdale, RailPAC director Anthony Lee from Oakland, InterMountainRail director John Dornoff from Salt Lake City, and Minnesota RPA President Andrew C. Selden from Minneapolis, who was also a featured speaker at the meeting. Positive comments were heard, comparisons were heard about other new light rail programs in their cities, and the rebuilt Pasadena train station which once hosted the Super Chief and the other classic AT&SF trains was admired. This photo was taken at the Sierra Madre Villa station, the endpoint for the Gold Line, which is in the median of I-210 where the noise level can be deafening. This RailPAC.ORG website also contains detailed reports from the March 17 meeting.

A train station? No. A playground? Not really. Since we showed an old train station and a new light rail station above we thought you’d like to see a newly opened dentist’s office in Highland Village, Texas, built like an historic train station. The KCS line (formerly BNSF) is about a quarter mile from here. Oh, that’s the photographer’s granddaughter peeking out from the train cab.

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