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RailPAC/NARP March Conference report 1 (of 5): The Opening Session

The Rail Conference on March 17, 2007, was held in the Los Angeles MTA Building auditorium, sponsored by the Rail Passenger Association of California, the National Railroad Passenger Association, and the Transit Coalition. All Reports and PHOTOS by Russ Jackson.
This report covers the Opening session, and the Annual Meeting and election of officers and board members for the Rail Passenger Association of California, which was held at the end of the afternoon session.

Morning Session

RailPAC President, Paul Dyson, opened the meeting at 10:15 AM, (PHOTO below) welcoming the 300+ paid attendees and 20 guests to the MTA building, and thanking The MTA’s rail division and its chief, Gerald Francis, for arranging for us to meet there. Mr. Francis was scheduled to be on the meeting program, but has accepted a job in Washington, DC, so was unable to attend. He was ably represented by his deputy, Melvin Clark. Mr. Dyson also thanked the members of RailPAC, NARP, and the TC who spent so much time putting this meeting together, and our industry sponsor Rotem, the manufacturer of the next generation of Metrolink cars.

NARP Executive Director, Ross Capon, expressed his pleasure at returning to California and its great rail program. Mr. Capon likewise welcomed everyone and introduced the NARP officers and directors who were in attendance, including NARP Treasurer Bob Glover.

RailPAC Annual Meeting afternoon session

RailPAC Executive Director, Richard Silver, began the session by stating that this was indeed the biggest rail advocacy meeting he had ever attended. He thanked the people who volunteered to help him at the very busy Registration table, including Treasurer Bill Kerby, Directors Dick Spotswood, Bruce Jenkins, and Vaughn Wolffe, Associate director Ken Ruben, and NARP Treasurer Bob Glover. Mr. Silver then introduced the candidates for RailPAC officers and its board of directors for 2007. All were approved. The list is placed on this website, where it can be found under “Contacts.” The newly elected board will select additional directors and associate directors at its meeting April 28 in Oakland. The only change of officers from a year ago was the selection of director Dick Spotswood, former Mayor of Mill Valley and a former board member of the Golden Gate Bridge District, as RailPAC Secretary replacing Russ Jackson who retired from the board after 25 years of service. Mr. Jackson’s service was recognized and he was presented with a gift in appreciation for his long service. (THANKS, everyone! -RJ)

Mr. Silver and Mr. Dyson then led a discussion of a proposed Resolution expressing the group’s recommended priorities for the Amtrak National System. Several amendments were considered, and the final document was approved by acclamation. A copy of the final resolution will be posted separately on this website and will be printed in the next newsletter.

The meeting adjourned in memory of Byron Nordberg, one of RailPAC’s founders, who passed away ten years ago.

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