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CA Rail PHOTOS for February

What’s new at the Sacramento train station.

A January 31, 2007, PHOTO report by Russ Jackson

When did you last see two P-32 locomotives together? The State of California owns two like the one on the left, and borrows one from Amtrak when power is needed due to maintenance of the other fleet locomotives. Here are two Capitol Corridor trainsets being refueled at the Sacramento station. With 16 round trip Capitols daily, the new Sacramento RT light rail line, and other improvements, this historic station property is looking better for passengers every day.

Part of the reconstruction project that brought the RT into Sacramento station was rebuilding the Amtrak Thruway bus loading area, which now is in this covered area, with assigned slots for the buses that arrive/depart to Stockton, Davis, Reno, South Lake Tahoe, and Redding and Medford, Oregon! These buses connect to/from Capitol Corridor and San Joaquin trains.

The very controversial parking situation at the Sacramento station has been resolved for now, with the City of Sacramento now owning the property. As can be seen in this photo, gone are the annoying entrance/exit gates, gone are the annoying ticket machines, and gone is the necessity to go to a separate office for ticket validation. Parking fees are still paid, but to a human. While this has improved traffic flow, the real need is for additional space, which may not be forthcoming for years. Pedestrian access directly to the tracks is up the sidewalk to the right in the photo, passing by the Starbucks and the Soup restaurant. And, the street is now two-directional for entering and exiting the lot.

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