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January 2007 Rail Pictures of the Month

Here are this month’s four California Rail Pictures of the Month. Note: Previous California Rail Pictures of the Month have been reactivated and are temporarily archived at our Gallery.

December was a busy month at the Sacramento Valley Rail Station. In addition to the daily comings and goings of passengers, the Sacramento RT dedicated its extension into that facility, and the Capitol Corridor celebrated its 15th birthday. In this picture, a 5-car Capitol trainset and an RT light rail car share a platform on December 12. How’s that for “cross-platform transfer-ability?” For more photos see the Special Photo Report. (Photo by Russ Jackson)

Track work is underway as of Dec 19, 2006 at the San Marcos loop. All new right of way to connect Cal State San Marcos with the Sprinter between Oceanside and Escondido. At the top op the grade is the elevated double tracked Cal State San Marcos Station. To the right in the background is another bridge forming part of the Loop right of way. The loop is comprised of 5 bridges. (Noel Braymer photo)

Part of the 1.7 mile San Marcos Loop, this is the only elevated Station on the Sprinter

On Dec.19, 2006 the platform is almost finished at the downtown Escondido Station for the Sprinter. In the background is the rest of the Escondido Transportation Center with parking and bus service.

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