Capitol Corridor now has 16 weekday round trips

RailPAC Sacramento Director, Marcia Johnston, reports: “I attended the Capitol Corridor Service Expansion Event on Wednesday, September 6, 2006 at 8:15 a.m. at the Sacramento Valley Station, 431 “I” Street, Second Floor in the newly-renovated REA building that also houses the offices of Thomas Enterprises, a Starbucks, and a soon to be opened soup restaurant. The theme of this celebration capitalized on the on the old Jackie Gleason line, ‘How Sweet It Is!'”

On August 25, Amtrak Davis station agent John Murphy informs a customer about the new Capitol Corridor schedule of trains due to start on August 28. John has posted the new schedule on the board next to his position at this busy station that now sees 32 Capitols, 2 Coast Starlights, 2 California Zephyrs, and 12 San Joaquin connecting Thruway buses daily. (Photo by Russ Jackson)

In this photo, taken on September 28 at Davis, Capitol train 526 arrives 15 minutes late enroute to Sacramento from the Bay Area. Notice a large crowd of passengers is detraining at this busy station, which serves nearby UC Davis, and many passengers arrive by bicycle here to take the train. RailPAC photo by Russ Jackson

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