Proposals to ease gridlock at LAX

By Paul Dyson, RailPAC President — Once again our public officials have failed to propose expanding a transportation system that is both affordable and practicable and could link LAX to over 60 stations in 6 counties. Our underdeveloped Metrolink service could be extended along an existing, publicly owned right of way from south of downtown to the proposed transit center next to the Green Line, and on to the south bay. In addition to providing a link to LAX this Regional Express opens up job opportunities to South Central communities with direct links to areas like Burbank and Anaheim.

Where are the politicians with the vision to see the opportunity create a regional system which would link Palmdale, Ontario, Burbank and LAX with all of the population centers ofthe southland? Why is SCAG still wed to Maglev which would take decades and billions of dollars assuming the technology could be made to work?

The Rail Passenger Association of California recommends a rolling program of track upgrades, grade separations, run through tracks at Union Station, and electrification to create Southern California’s Regional Express Rail. The “bones” of the system are already in place and so can be added to incrementally each year, rather than wait for design, engineering, property acquisition and all the other time consuming steps needed to build new Maglev lines.

It’s time for sensible, practical, affordable solutions. Bring Metrolink to LAX.

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