Coast Rail Coordinating Committee

Reported by Bruce Jenkins, RailPAC Director — This writer was arm twisted, cajoled and dragged feet first by Art Lloyd to the CRCC Policy Luncheon mtg at Mission Bay Inn in Pebble Beach. The mtg room was oriented so that we were “forced” to observe the 7th green, with a backdrop of the white breakers and blue water of the Pacific Ocean (needless to say, my limited attention span was further impaired).

Overall, this was one of the better mtgs of this group, obviated by the “upbeat mood” of chair Pete Rodgers. Reason: there could be funding on the horizon.


  • A resolution will go out to the legislaters for the Coast Daylight to be in the ’07 budget.
  • A chicken/egg paradox exists because we can’t get state fund for RR improvements till we have an operating train in place. UP will not allow another passenger train to operate till rail improvements have been made. Solving this dilemma is first priority. These improvements are between SLO and SJC and include lengthening sidings, adding switches and signals.
  • Interagency transfer passes are in the works for Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties (Amtrak/Local agencies).
  • With 96 trains per day Caltrain slots are full up. The Daylight will have to take a “Baby Bullet” slot.
  • Liz O’Donoghue of Amtrak reported on the Amtrak operations (already covered by Russ Jackson’s report on SJVRC). There is $125m for new cars (36) and Locomotives (6). This order may be combined with several other state agencies to leverage a better price . Basic design is similar to Surfliner (Cal Car 2). Our design inputs are requested.
  • Tom Mulligan of the UP reported that the “slow orders” between Moorpark and SLO are now lifted.
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