Rail Photos

February 1985 Board Meeting

This was a RailPAC meeting held at the new Santa Ana Amtrak station on February 24, 1985. Speakers were (Left to right) Dr. Bill Hamilton, co-author of the Amtrak Accounting analysis series published in Passenger Train Journal; Amtrak Board member from California, Ralph Kerchum; California State Senator Jim Mills, the “father” of the LOSSAN Corridor and also an Amtrak Board member; Andrew C. Selden, then called the “dean of Amtrak critics,” and co-author of the Amtrak Accounting analysis; RailPAC founding President Byron Nordberg; and Louis Thompson of the FRA’s Northeast Corridor Improvement Project. In 2004 Mr. Thompson was nominated to the Amtrak Board of Directors. Photo by current RailPAC President, Noel Braymer

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